Cash Buyers Should Inspect, Investigate and Protect Their Investment, from Murrieta, Temecula and Oceanside to MD or VA

Cash Buyers Should Inspect, Investigate and Protect Their Investment, from Murrieta, Temecula and Oceanside to MD or VA

Cash home buyers in Murrieta, Temecula, Oceanside and other areas near military bases in California, should take heed of this good advice.  Using an experienced local real estate agent, a cash home buyer  should receive the standard CAR (CA Association of Realtors) form warning, "For Your Protection, Get a Home Inspection."  The home inspection gives a detailed report of standard items that need to be fixed, plus the SBSA (State Buyers and Sellers Advisory) points to MANY other potential issues for investigation, as do the seller disclosures and the agent's AVID (agent's visual inspection). 

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This picture shows a "kick out hole."  If a sales agent sees this, and from experience knows what it is, he should note it on the AVID.  A "thank you" to my friend Brett Rockwell of Rockwell Pest for the pic.

A further quick note on the AVID: the AVID gives the agent several lines per each room of the home to describe the condition of each area.  Many inexperienced agents simply say "adequate" or similar for each of the areas of the house.  An experienced agent will make detailed notes of condition: cracked window, missing screen, patched paint.  One of my favorites my husband has used on occasion is "funky smell."  The agent should have been in many, many homes both previewing and in escrows.  This experience looking at condition should be to the benefit of the client, with useful descriptions that let the cash buyer or any buyer know if there is a red flag that the agent's experienced eye has detected.  It is also a requirement that many agents don't understand is their responsibility to make detailed descriptions, room by room, on the AVID.

If you would like a sample SBSA, seller disclosures or AVID, please just contact me for the forms.  These forms are used for cash buyers in Murrieta, Temecula and Oceanside, indeed throughout California and as well as for buyers using financing.

In addition, a cash home buyer in Murrieta, Temecula, Oceanside and other areas near military bases in California should investigate - to ensure whether local officials will be fining or otherwise making trouble, or that potential tenants will want to rent the property:

  • At the city and also county level: the zoning, permits, easements, etc., related to the home. 
  • What schools the home's occupants are supposed to attend, without getting approvals for transfer elsewhere.
  • Distance to freeways for commuter tenants.
  • Homeowners association rules and requirements - read them! 
  • In areas of septic systems, get a septic cert.
  • In areas of well water, get a water cert.
  • Ask questions of your home inspector, agent, etc., and READ THE DISCLOSURES. 

Below is a cautionary tale from Lenn Harley, in regards to cash home buyers and inspections, aka due diligence.  I have tried above to make the message relevant to cash buyers in Murrieta, Temecula, Oceanside and other areas of California where we have experienced agents to help both cash buyers and buyers using financing.


A telephone call from a lovely gentleman a few minutes ago serves as a reminder that, just because you're paying cash for a real estate purchase doesn't mean that you should neglect DUE DILIGENCE.

The gentleman has recently received a NOTICE from the County of Prince William in northern Virginia about a roof"that was installed by the previous owner over a patio in the back yard of the town home.  He was been noticed that the "roof" over the patio may have been installed with the benefit of a building permit and he should contact them and provide the county permit office with a plat of the property.

This is a town home property which means, to me, that there is a Home Owners Association.

The gentleman cannot locate the agent who represented him in the purchase but a few questions revealed:

1.  He did not have a survey made of the property prior to closing on the CASH PURCHASE.

2.  He did not read the HOA documents prior to closing on the property.Internet Search

3.  He did not receive a plat of the property prior to closing (probably included in the HOA docs along with requirements for additions).

I FOUND YOU ON GOOGLE.  I receive calls of this nature regularly because when folks search Google for anything real estate related in my market area, they may run into one of my web sites or blogs.  Don't you love it???  I do.  I don't know what keyword phrase he used in Google but my web site was returned in the SERP.

My advice to the gentleman was to

  • Review his HOA docs rules regarding modification, additions, etc.
  • Contact the HOA and request a plat to present to the county. 
  • I directed him to a web site where he can pull a the public records for his property.

I couldn't resist lecturing him about not performing due diligence before buying a piece of real estate.  Who knows, next time he's ready to buy, he just might remember who gave him some guidance in his moment of need.  He was very grateful and for some reason, I suspect that I will hear from him in the future.  Or, he will recommend me to another consumer of real estate services. 

WHAT COULD HAPPEN?  Several things come to mind including but not limited to:

  • The county can inspect and issue a building permit for the structure.
  • The county can inspect and order the structure removed (torn down), which in itself may require a permit. 

NOTE TO CONSUMERS:  Work with an experienced real estate buyers agent who will help guide you to the matters to investigate BEFORE you buy. 

Courtesy, Lenn Harley, Broker,, 800-711-7988.


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Thanks for sharing your good information in your blog.  Cash buyers need to be aware of the mistakes you can make when paying cash for a property.

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